Frequently asked questions

Q: How is KM Direct different from other planner firms?

A: KM Direct brings together years of experience managing professional events in major national markets with insight into the needs and wants of meeting attendees. As a team of professionals, KM Direct has been on the other side of the registration table and knows what attendees want and what clients need to execute a successful event. We can organize an event from start to finish, but also partner with or offer additional support to your in-house team

Q: What sorts of events can KM Direct set up?

A: KM Direct has extensive experience organizing multi-day conferences with plenary and break-out sessions; one-day symposia and panels; private luncheons; association dinners & luncheons; fundraiser dinners & luncheons; evening receptions; corporate retreats; and team building events.

Q: How big does my event have to be to hire a planner?

A: There is no event too small or too big. KM Direct can provide the necessary level of support to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience for the client and attendees.

Q: How much do you charge to plan a professional event?

A: Fees are based on the type and size of event and our level of involvement. KM Direct works within your budget and can cater to your needs.

Q: How long before an event should I hire a professional event planner?

A: For multi-day conferences, it is best to hire a planner 1-2 years in advance if hotel negotiations are necessary. Typically, one day events range from 6-18 months lead time.

Q: What cities does KM Direct serve?

A: KM Direct manages events both nationally and internationally. In the United States, we have organized events in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Albuquerque and San Diego.

Q: What professional organization management does KM offer?

A: KM Direct can also function as your association headquarters offering renewal management; non-profit membership organization management; business and financial management; website development and maintenance; and online marketing.